Monday, January 26, 2009

oldies but goodies: browzings by benefit

As I seem to find myself always searching for the next "it" product, I can overlook some of my daily staple beauty products. I call them my oldies but goodies, They are products that have found a true home in my makeup bag- meaning I use them almost daily, and will re-purchase them.

So here is my first oldie but goodie: the browzings brow ballet in medium from benefit.

What is it?

It's a brow pallet, it includes a brow gel, brow powder, two brushes and a tiny tweezer.

Why do I like it?

One, it just works so well :). I have hit pan twice, and am on my third pallete.

Secondly, it is so compact. I have everything that I need to fill in my brow making it ideal for traveling. The consistency is so much better than a brow pencil and I like it better than a plain eyeshadow.

Where can I get it: Anywhere they sell benefit cosmetics, ie Sephora, Department stores, Ulta

Cost:around $20.00

Color Range: light to dark :) lots of variety

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beauty Bargain: Hair Care Serum and Thermal Heat Spray

Latley I've seen a lot of talk about Chi haircare on youtube, and many beauty blogs. And I was really tempted to pick up some of the goodies and try them out. So as I was debating the hefty price tag I made my usual drop in at Sally's Beauty Supply and found an amazing discovery!!

Here are the two products I picked up. . .

Silk Remedy - Their version of the Silk Infusion & Thermal Protection Spray - Their version of Iron Guard

LadyB's Spin:

They are amazing products, and best of all the price is so affordable. They list the ingredients for both the CHI products and the GVP product on the back and . . . THEY ARE THE SAME !! :) So for about half the price you get the same amazing product. They have really brought the shine back to my hair, and have kept it healthy despite all the heat damage I give it :/.

Where can you find them: At your Local Sally's Beauty Supply

Price: $5.99 for the Thermal spray at 6.0 oz and $8.99 for the Silk Remedy at 8.0z

Chi Price: $11.99 for the Iron Guard at 8.5 oz and $14.99 for the Silk Infusion at 2.0 oz

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