Monday, January 26, 2009

oldies but goodies: browzings by benefit

As I seem to find myself always searching for the next "it" product, I can overlook some of my daily staple beauty products. I call them my oldies but goodies, They are products that have found a true home in my makeup bag- meaning I use them almost daily, and will re-purchase them.

So here is my first oldie but goodie: the browzings brow ballet in medium from benefit.

What is it?

It's a brow pallet, it includes a brow gel, brow powder, two brushes and a tiny tweezer.

Why do I like it?

One, it just works so well :). I have hit pan twice, and am on my third pallete.

Secondly, it is so compact. I have everything that I need to fill in my brow making it ideal for traveling. The consistency is so much better than a brow pencil and I like it better than a plain eyeshadow.

Where can I get it: Anywhere they sell benefit cosmetics, ie Sephora, Department stores, Ulta

Cost:around $20.00

Color Range: light to dark :) lots of variety

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