Saturday, February 21, 2009

If I could turn back time

If I could turn back time. . . . . . I would love to be here

Paris - 1960 !

All Photos are Credited to Here and found originally on Ruby Pres's Blog here

Wavy Hair Experiment Round 1 - Results

I have a confession to make, I was going to wait until tomorrow to work on this experiment, but I was having a lazy afternoon, and I figured why not =)

For this experiment the premise was . . .

To create a wavy look for my hair, using the same technique featured in the Roop Cafe' blog postings. Basically, it required hair to be put up in figure eights or accordion style, and then set with rubber bands. In the post below, I was planning on doing this experiment on almost dry hair, after taking a shower.

However, I was too lazy to wash and dry my hair before conducting this experiment

So I chose option B - to apply heat with a straightner and then set my hair in the figure eights.

I used the following products:

GVP Thermal Protectant, Generic Suave Hairspray, and hair bands from Sally's

After straightening my hair - I looped them into figure eights and achieved the following like so

Continued this same process throughout my hair, and I have to apologize, I was a lazy and used some hair clips instead of rubber bands for some of the top sections of my hair :) and produced this lovely hairstyle:

Then, I waited about 10 minutes and it produced the following results:

Overall - I think that this process is greattt =). However, had I had the patience to do this as originally planned, and had washed my hair and let it air dry a bit - and then begun this process I think I would have achieved a better "wave".

With that said, I am still very happy with it, It gives me a very rough beach wave - and definitely not a polished curl - as you can see here:

I think I would rate this experiment a success !! =)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wavy Hair Experiment Round 1

Yay. . . it's Friday! Although this week wasn't bad,I always find that it's always nice to be in weekend mode :)

I'm still in hair mode these days, I am seriously obsessed with wavy hair. I think in part because I have always had straight hair, and as the saying goes, the grass does seem greener on the other side. I have been debating whether I should go ahead with a full on body wave - i.e. get a full body wave perm done at the salon, or if I should just experiment with my own remedies for the "perfect" wavy hair...I just don't know if the daily heat is worth it :/.

So in the meantime, I'm thinking of trying out this little idea from the Roop Cafe Blog . . .

So to prepare, I purchased and or gathered the following items

1. Packet of rubberbands to hold hair, from sally's

2. Texturizer Spray (Pantene Pro-V)

3. Blowdryer to apply heat

4. Heat Protectant Spray (GVP)

I know that her posts mentions that each sections were flat ironed, and then set into the figure eights, but I am hoping that if do this to almost dry hair (meaning slightly damp), and the set them I will achieve similar results without the need of straightironing the hair.

That's experiment for today, Will post pictures tomm : )

Have a great Friday Everyone!!!

My 6 Favorite Lip Products

I know this tag/post is a bit old, and has been done quite a few times. With that said, I have not done one and I always like these types of postings, so I thought it would a great time to share my top 6 favorite lip products and they are

drumroll please. . . . . . .

Top 3 Lipsticks

Pallido-Paris Pink
Rimmell London- Air Fairy

Top 3 Lip glosses

MAC-Oyster Girl
NYX- Chestnut
NARS- Dolce Vita


Top Row Lipsticks - Paris Pink, Thalia and Air Fiary
Bottom Row - Lip Glosses - Dolce Vita, Chestnut and Oyster Girl

NYX Haul

Here are the pictures and swatches from my NYX haul video:

Eyeshadow Trio: Guru and Lake Moss

Lip Sticks: (L to R)

Lip Glosses: Smokey Look and Chestnut

Last but not least, picture of myself wearing e/s from both the guru and lake moss trios =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Am Using Right Now - Tag

I saw this one a few of my favorite blogs.. and I wanted to join in =) so here is my list of current favorites:


Shampoo: Dove's Moisturizing (hands down one of the best drugstore shampoos) and Joico K-Pac

Conditioner: Dove's Moisturizing and Joico K-Pac Conditioner

Styling products:
GVP Silk Infusion, (from Sally's), GVP Thermal Recovery (from Sally's), Joico Root Lifter when I want some added UMPH, and Aussie 2 in 1 Leave in Conditioner and Mousee for everyday Volume

Hair mask: I use my hair brush, to exfoliate my scalp and the vatika hair oil every other week or so to bring some life back into my locks.


Shower gel: I'm using Dove Cucumber Body Wash

Body moisturizer: Vaseline's Coco Butter and their Body Oil

Deodorant: Secret - Invisible, I've used the same one for years and it works just fine

Fake tan: none at the moment

Body Exfoliater: I use my Exfoliating Gloves, but I also love love love sugar scrubs (make it at home, or buy from the store either or works for me)


Cleanser: Biore Pore Minimizing Cleanser, Cetaphil Facial Soap Bar

Eye makeup remover: Walgreen's version of Pond's makeup remover cloths, and regular lotion

Exfoliator - Exfoliating gloves - pretty much a daily routine for my face and body

Moisturizer: Cetaphil SPF 50 Moisterizer, and Hope in Jar original formula


Primer: It's not really a primer, but I use Bareminerals skin rever upper

Foundation: Neutrogena healthy sheers, and Bella Pierre mineral foundation alternatively

Foundation brush: I know it's horrible, but I don't use a foundation brush for my liquid foundation. I use the buffer brush for PUR minerals with all my mineral makeup

Concealer: Physcian's formula green concealer, when I break out, or studio fix concealer from Mac

Powder: Mineral Veil - Bare Minerals

Blusher: Rose from Milani, and Lovejoy from Nars

Bronzer: None at the moment, Lovejoy doubles as a bronzer for me =)

Highlighter: Albatross from Nars, when I need it.

Eyeshadow base: I am back to lemon-aid from benefit. It's hard to work with sometimes, but I sitll love it.

Eyeshadows: Currently, I am hooked on my new NYX trio in GURU. Amazing colors!!

Eyeliner: Revon pencil eyeliner (the kind that type that twists, not the pencil kind), and Revlon Liquid eyeliner

Eyelash curler: I hardly use one, but I have this tiny one from Sephora Brand.

Eyelash base: None

Mascara: Covergirl LashBlast, and Loreal Telescopic

Lipstick: NYX in IRIS

Lipgloss: NYX Goddess of the Night in Smokey Look, and a light pink from Victoria Secret, (sorry lost the name of it a long time ago =\)

Nail color: Au Natural

Scrub A Dub Dub - Give your Face Some Love

A while ago I had a pretty bad case of the breakouts. I never had acne in high school, but once I started college - let's just say it was another story! So I went through a million different remedies as I'm sure we all do, and I even have a YT video on some things that have really worked for me.

However, there was one secret weapon I forgot about... and that is my exfoliating gloves!!

I got introduced to these from a few girlfriends in college, and they are fairly inexpensive. I bought two pairs, one for the shower, and another pair strictly for my face! And let me tell you, these things are amazing!! I've used them for a few years now.

I throw them out every 3 months or so .. They are amazing for the skin, they exfoliate so well, unlike any other product that I have used. But they are even more amazing for my face, they exfoliate so well, and I always seem to reduce the breakout problemo everytime I use these =).

WORD OF CAUTION: These gloves are pretty coarse, so if you have sensitive skin, I would use with caution. You may use them every other day, or use very light motions. Also, if you have deep pore acne, I would not use these as you will only be irritating your skin further. Whichever route you choose, please don't scrub with all your might, as you will irritate your skin. Personally, they worked best for me once the acne had subsided, and I just had to deal with day to day maintenence and prevention. =) (also they work great to help reduce acne scarring, skin will turn over faster).

So happy scrubbing ladies...!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Haul and Review - Milani + Drugstore

Hello All - here is a little blog update on my you tube video today.

The blushes I picked up Top: Luminous by Milani, Bottom L: Mai Tai by Milani and Bottom R: Sweet Rose by Milani


Top to Bottom : Sweet Rose, Luminous and Mai Tai

You can also see a small swatch of the eyeliner on the farr right corner.

Another Swatch of the Prestige Eyeliner - You can finally see the gold pigment in it (yayy)

I couldn't end without a FOTD so here you go ! Happy Friday Everyone :)


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