Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wavy Hair Experiment Round 1 - Results

I have a confession to make, I was going to wait until tomorrow to work on this experiment, but I was having a lazy afternoon, and I figured why not =)

For this experiment the premise was . . .

To create a wavy look for my hair, using the same technique featured in the Roop Cafe' blog postings. Basically, it required hair to be put up in figure eights or accordion style, and then set with rubber bands. In the post below, I was planning on doing this experiment on almost dry hair, after taking a shower.

However, I was too lazy to wash and dry my hair before conducting this experiment

So I chose option B - to apply heat with a straightner and then set my hair in the figure eights.

I used the following products:

GVP Thermal Protectant, Generic Suave Hairspray, and hair bands from Sally's

After straightening my hair - I looped them into figure eights and achieved the following like so

Continued this same process throughout my hair, and I have to apologize, I was a lazy and used some hair clips instead of rubber bands for some of the top sections of my hair :) and produced this lovely hairstyle:

Then, I waited about 10 minutes and it produced the following results:

Overall - I think that this process is greattt =). However, had I had the patience to do this as originally planned, and had washed my hair and let it air dry a bit - and then begun this process I think I would have achieved a better "wave".

With that said, I am still very happy with it, It gives me a very rough beach wave - and definitely not a polished curl - as you can see here:

I think I would rate this experiment a success !! =)

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