Monday, March 30, 2009

Hair Haulage - Current Favorites

Since the season is changing, along with our wardrobe, and our beauty routine - we are probably also changing our hair routine

or at least I do :)

Here are a few products from the YT video that I've really found myself using consistently since I have purchased them and thought I would share them with you all :)

The products are:

1. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave In Split End Protector for Long Hair

great product - its a creme formula, that really nourishes the hair. I like to apply this at night, with slightly damp hair. Also works great on dry hair when you want to tame fly-aways. The product does have a strong rasberry scent, so if you are not a fan, it may not be for you. I however, don't mind it at all :) and all this for 2.60? yes :) i heart drugstores !

2. John Frieda Wave Enhancing Spray for Brunettes

another great product - it's a sea salt spray that is targeted to brunettes. The product does leave a "sea-salt" spray residue - which helps to create texture, but you need a slight hand with applicaiton. There is not real strong scent, and it is also designed to help add shine.

3. GVP Thermal Heat Protectant Spray

my go to heat protector - see my other post if you want more details :) seriously salon quality IMO

4. KMS Head Remedy Scalp Treatment

dry scalp - yes, that evil bugger. I get it in the dead of winter, every year and I purchased these little scalp treatments to help add moisture to my scalp. So far, the product has lived up to its claims, it added moisture without any heavyness. In my YT video, I compare this to an aloe vera gel like consistency - because it gets absorbed really quickly. I really liked this back in Jan, and it worked well for me :)

5. SAMY Fat Hair "0 calorie" Thickening Spray

nifty lil creation - it add real thickness to my hair without weighing it down. The spray is really lightweight, and I can build on the "thickness" throughout the day without it looking dirty. It takes about a minute to dry - and once its dry I run my fingers through my straight hair if I'm going for straight thick hair, or I scrunch my curls if I'm adding thickness to waves.

6. SAMY Fat Hair "0 calorie" Thickening Creme

( does not work, really dislike the product) Too goopy and it just sticks to hair as opposed to distributing a nice even layer of "thickness". I wouldn't purchase again, or recommend that anyone else does either :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blackheads BE GONE !

I just got a case of the blackheads . . . bleh!

So I've been experimenting with a few things, and I found a product that has actually shown some improvement !

The best part ? It's dirt cheap !

Basically the product is CVS version of the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scurb.

I just happened to try this one instead of the orginal, but I am sure that it works just as well - if not better.

I use this only on my blackhead prone areas - mainly my nose, cheeks and chin. I've been using it twice a day - after washing my face with my normal face wash.

It's a really creamy formula - not gel like and has tiny little orange micr0-beads.

It's a great product and it was only $4.99 :)

Beauty Inspiration : Fergie

I have to be honest - I have not always been a big "Fergie" style fan.

BUT I have to admit - I really like her new look. I found this picture on and I think she looks gorgeous.

The dark hair looks great on her, and so does that dress! :)

P.S. I am now on the hunt for a button up dress of my own: )

What do you think of her new look ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flushed and Blushed

A little haul from Eyes.Lips.Face or better known as ELF Cosmetics.

I was initially going to put in an order at the website, because I wanted to try some of the studio line products. But then, I had to run an errand and ended up at the grocery store and since the grocery store happens to carry the original line I decided to just do my hauling along with my grocery run :)Add Video

I purchased 3 of the cream color sticks in : Pink Lemonade (top: pink toned) Lilac Petal ( left: pink frost toned) and Persimmon( right: mauve toned)

I haven't played with these much - reviews will be on the way as I try them out this week, but so far I really like Pink Lemonade so Thank you Bubblegarm :)

I also purchased 3 of the powder blushes in : Glow(left:peach toned), Shy (center:dark pink) and Flushed (right:baby pink / frosty)

Overall, I really, really like the blush. I find that it is pretty pigmented and not to powdery. I think so far I think Glow is my favorite. It's a really pretty peachy color that works great with my skin tone medium/tan.

I'll try and post some FOTD with these in the next few days - I know I'll be playing with them :)

Total Cost? $ 6.00 Yes, that's all

Totally amazing isn't it?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Blossoms

Sunday was a Mani/Pedi day for me.

I Haven't been able to have one of those in a while, so I thought I would try something new and walked out with this adorableee color .

It's China Glaze's Spontaneous and I think it is a perfect kick off for Spring :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair Idol

Hair Idols.

We all have them.

The people who we look at for inspiration for our own hair styles.

I think we all have our own "ideal" hair or hair style that we hope to achieve, for some of you it may be trendy or classic. As for me, well l I have my own Hair Idols of the moment and they are . . .

. . . . These lovley ladies : Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Oliva Palermo and Stacy London.

If you notice, they all have pretty much the same hair style =) Long wavy hair with gorgeous shine and color.

I think these ladies are not just my hair idols, but pretty much define my sense in fashion and beauty as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making the Switch

My need for caffiene has always been a strong one, I like a cup in the morning to wake me up. But latley I've been putting in a lot of time at work and school which = a lot of hours 12+ at times. So my caffiene intake has gotten a little out of hand mainly due to my diet soda intake =)

So I thought I would try and kick the habit (my way)

I went to chinatown in SF and purchased some amazingly good greentea to supplement the carbonated bev habit

But I stepped it up a notch and realized I was really in need of more energy not just more coffee =) so I purchased these ...

Lovely b12 vitamins in 5000mcg and the best part they are soluable so they dissolve quickly and that means no more ugly pills! I purchased mine at vitamin world but I'm sure they are availble all over

These are really helping me out with my crazy work/school hours and I am officially diet coke free yay!! Just Thought I would share =)

Do any of you do vitamins??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shiny Hair.. Here I Come

I think that along with our moods, our hair also seems to have a little bit of the winter blues.

In order to bring it back to life, I thought I would experiment with a hair care product that I've been eyeing for sometime.

The John Frieda Luminous Hair Gloss in Chestnut to Espresso

It cost about $8.99 at Long's Drug and I am sure it is available at most drugstores or walmart/target type stores as well.

I have just started using this. I've used it now for about a week now and so far it has been great. It feels like a great deep conditioner. I think that it is slowly giving my hair more "life" and bringing the shine back to it after all these long winter months of blaaahhhnesss!

I will keep you all updated, but I thought it was a great find although a bit messy to use at first . But I do like the after-affect and am willing to put up with the slight mess if it brings back the shine!!

Have any of you tried a gloss? Or this do it yourself gloss treatment?? If so, Please share!! =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fashion in Japan I Heart You

Latley I have been drawn to this website on an almost daily basis...

What is it? Fashion in Japan dot com

What is the concept? It's basically a collection of daily snapshots of woman from Japan that features their everyday street wear, trends and new emerging fashions

What I love it? Because I think these woman are not only beautiful but truly have a style all their own.

Overall - I probably wouldn't wear a lot of the pieces I love checking out their fashions, and I feel that the street wear style vs. runway style just seems to be so achievable if I was to attempt a few of their "trends" =)

I love watching "street wear" websites and seeing what people are actually wearing all over the globe but this seems to me my all time favorite at the moment

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cosmetics Cop

With Spring coming.. I've been wanting to try new face/skin products, but as always I'm worried about the ineveitable break out, because the product was not what it said it would be. If this has happened to any of you... Well, then welcome to my world!

I was watching oprah the other day (cliche I know I know) and she featured this lady, Paula Bergeron. After some reseach I found that she is a leading cosmetic consultant who reviewed products for their ingredients - no bias, and no bull! Here's the link

I googled her and found this......

Cosmetic's Cop is her website and she reviews almost all leading brands, and very simply states what works, and what doesn't!
She also has a paid service site, beautypedia I believe. Which is great, but I really am not in the mood to pay that much for reviews, since there is MUA and YT..after all =D But sometimes you want a professional opinion on all the products out there, and for THAT purpose I think that Cosmetics Cop is great and free

I think that when I'm in the mood for some professional opinions this might just be my new starting point =)


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