Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flushed and Blushed

A little haul from Eyes.Lips.Face or better known as ELF Cosmetics.

I was initially going to put in an order at the website, because I wanted to try some of the studio line products. But then, I had to run an errand and ended up at the grocery store and since the grocery store happens to carry the original line I decided to just do my hauling along with my grocery run :)Add Video

I purchased 3 of the cream color sticks in : Pink Lemonade (top: pink toned) Lilac Petal ( left: pink frost toned) and Persimmon( right: mauve toned)

I haven't played with these much - reviews will be on the way as I try them out this week, but so far I really like Pink Lemonade so Thank you Bubblegarm :)

I also purchased 3 of the powder blushes in : Glow(left:peach toned), Shy (center:dark pink) and Flushed (right:baby pink / frosty)

Overall, I really, really like the blush. I find that it is pretty pigmented and not to powdery. I think so far I think Glow is my favorite. It's a really pretty peachy color that works great with my skin tone medium/tan.

I'll try and post some FOTD with these in the next few days - I know I'll be playing with them :)

Total Cost? $ 6.00 Yes, that's all

Totally amazing isn't it?


  1. looking forward to your fotd's! this is great, bc i was planning on getting pink lemonade and it looks so different here than it does on the website!

  2. thanks :) I hope you get your haul on soon !

  3. I like the blushes too. They are really pigmented.



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