Monday, March 30, 2009

Hair Haulage - Current Favorites

Since the season is changing, along with our wardrobe, and our beauty routine - we are probably also changing our hair routine

or at least I do :)

Here are a few products from the YT video that I've really found myself using consistently since I have purchased them and thought I would share them with you all :)

The products are:

1. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave In Split End Protector for Long Hair

great product - its a creme formula, that really nourishes the hair. I like to apply this at night, with slightly damp hair. Also works great on dry hair when you want to tame fly-aways. The product does have a strong rasberry scent, so if you are not a fan, it may not be for you. I however, don't mind it at all :) and all this for 2.60? yes :) i heart drugstores !

2. John Frieda Wave Enhancing Spray for Brunettes

another great product - it's a sea salt spray that is targeted to brunettes. The product does leave a "sea-salt" spray residue - which helps to create texture, but you need a slight hand with applicaiton. There is not real strong scent, and it is also designed to help add shine.

3. GVP Thermal Heat Protectant Spray

my go to heat protector - see my other post if you want more details :) seriously salon quality IMO

4. KMS Head Remedy Scalp Treatment

dry scalp - yes, that evil bugger. I get it in the dead of winter, every year and I purchased these little scalp treatments to help add moisture to my scalp. So far, the product has lived up to its claims, it added moisture without any heavyness. In my YT video, I compare this to an aloe vera gel like consistency - because it gets absorbed really quickly. I really liked this back in Jan, and it worked well for me :)

5. SAMY Fat Hair "0 calorie" Thickening Spray

nifty lil creation - it add real thickness to my hair without weighing it down. The spray is really lightweight, and I can build on the "thickness" throughout the day without it looking dirty. It takes about a minute to dry - and once its dry I run my fingers through my straight hair if I'm going for straight thick hair, or I scrunch my curls if I'm adding thickness to waves.

6. SAMY Fat Hair "0 calorie" Thickening Creme

( does not work, really dislike the product) Too goopy and it just sticks to hair as opposed to distributing a nice even layer of "thickness". I wouldn't purchase again, or recommend that anyone else does either :)

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