Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair Idol

Hair Idols.

We all have them.

The people who we look at for inspiration for our own hair styles.

I think we all have our own "ideal" hair or hair style that we hope to achieve, for some of you it may be trendy or classic. As for me, well l I have my own Hair Idols of the moment and they are . . .

. . . . These lovley ladies : Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Oliva Palermo and Stacy London.

If you notice, they all have pretty much the same hair style =) Long wavy hair with gorgeous shine and color.

I think these ladies are not just my hair idols, but pretty much define my sense in fashion and beauty as well.


  1. loveee kim's hair. that picture makes me think that LC has a weave?! what do you think?!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's a weave too, but at least it's a good one =)

  3. im 100 % sure lc has extensions. ive seen paparazzi pics of her having her hair did, and they were doing extensions her :)

  4. I think you are 100% right- we all have hair idols...and I love each one you posted. I really like Olivia and Stacy's especially...b/c their hair is so shiny! I wonder what they use:)

  5. I LOOOOVVVEEEE Stacy London and her hair!!

  6. GORGEOUS hair, I still need to learn how to get a nice wave in my hair. I always have it so deadly straight

  7. @ Lotus I think they use a hair glaze (from the salon) those usually add tons of shine

    @ Posey I heart Stacy too !!

    @ diamondsinchampagne I feel your pain (I have super straight hair too) after some practice I realized you just need to add some texture and a really good hair spray =).

    Maybe I'll post or yt on how I try and do my waves.. if anyone is interested :)

  8. I would love to see a youtube video on how you create wavy hair- that would be great to see! :)

  9. I so wish I had hair like that!!



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