Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making the Switch

My need for caffiene has always been a strong one, I like a cup in the morning to wake me up. But latley I've been putting in a lot of time at work and school which = a lot of hours 12+ at times. So my caffiene intake has gotten a little out of hand mainly due to my diet soda intake =)

So I thought I would try and kick the habit (my way)

I went to chinatown in SF and purchased some amazingly good greentea to supplement the carbonated bev habit

But I stepped it up a notch and realized I was really in need of more energy not just more coffee =) so I purchased these ...

Lovely b12 vitamins in 5000mcg and the best part they are soluable so they dissolve quickly and that means no more ugly pills! I purchased mine at vitamin world but I'm sure they are availble all over

These are really helping me out with my crazy work/school hours and I am officially diet coke free yay!! Just Thought I would share =)

Do any of you do vitamins??

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  1. i'm in the same boat here...but i loveee the taste of coffee. i just think i should turn over more to teas...i have a ton, but i plan on getting a big box of oolong tonight. i've taken those vitamins in the past, and i can't remember how they worked for me...possibly bc i am very poor at committing! maybe i'll get on them again ;) thanks for the reminder!



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