Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accessory Storage

Besides make up - I believe that our accessories : earrings, necklaces, hair pieces are the 2nd biggest collection in our wardrobes. THUS.. making storage is always such a struggle.

So far: the only thing I really have organized are my earrings and this is what I use :

The only difference is I purchased mine at AVON a few years back and it has a slight print on it - but dimensions wise it is the same as this product (which I found at

But for the rest.. it's just tossed into a drawer unfortunately, divided into sections with plain white plastic square baskets from the dollar store.

I'm looking to re-organize my stuff so I thought I would ask you readers...what methods you use to store your accessories ?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Layout Correction

Correction. I DID change my layout,but thanks to a lovely reader I realized the new "pretty" layout was not allowing comments so I have changed things back to normal.

Thanks a TON for reading my blog ladies. . . I really, really appreciate your time : )

Have a lovely week !

xxoo Lady B

Spring Cleaning

It's Spring, so that means its time for a little spring cleaning! To get myself ready for spring I usually start prepping myself and this year I'm starting the Spring Cleaning Within :)

So What Am I Doing?

Food Journal -Never thought It was worth the hype, but OMG it is ! Writing down what I eat and drink has made me realize all the stuff I snacked on without even realizing it. I'd def recommend everyone starting one :)

Good Bye Diet Coke - It's now day 4 of me being diet coke free. I know it's not a major accomplishment, but if you knew me - it would be :). I've been keeping myself hydrated with crystal light and Iced tea.

Crystal Light
- I know I already mentioned this in my Kicking the Coke blurb, but I am seriously hooked on the stuff. I buy the large pitcher sizes and the "on the go" packages for adding that something extra to a bottle of water.

Working out with a Trainer.. well Sort of - I recently discovered this great workout series from Woman's Health Magazine - and I think I have decided to start it this week. Its an 8 week program with weekly "workouts" and a videos by a Trainer that give me the personal attention I want... but without the $ I'll let you know in 8 weeks how far along I've come. But if you are interested here's the link

Walking - I'm not much of a runner, never have been and never will be. But I love Walking, so one of my marathon running friends (I so ENVY her energy) gave me a link to this site which allows me to map out my walks. So I can calculate how far I've gone, and how many calories I've burned. It also keeps track of your routines, progress and other walking routes mapped by users nearby. Def worth the few minutes it takes to log in and record all my route info.

I think by just switching a few little things in my daily routine I'll be a lot healthier and have a lot more energy by this summer !

What are your Spring Must Dos?

Glowing Skin : My Version

The weather is getting a little warmer, and I think the one must have for spring or summer is glowing skin. Here are a few ladies who I think always have that perfect summer glow :

I've been on a search for my version of the "perfect glow", and here are a few examples of products that I have tried:

Bronzers (which works great on people, but I'm pretty pigmented to start with :) )

Glitter/ Shine Lotion (which are OK for me, I prefer something a little more natural)

Glitter/ Shine Powders (Give a Glow all right, but I hate the trail they leave behind)

Body Oils (which last, and are natural, but can be a bit sticky or greasy if applied too liberally)

In the end, I realized all I wanted was a natural looking glow that would add moisture to my skin, and last all day or night :)

So I decided to create my own Glow Mixture... and all you need are these two drugstore products (or something similar). Not only do you get an amazing glow, but you smell amazing with a mixture of brazilian nut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter ! ! !

For the Day:

Just Mix 1/4 of the Cocoa Butter Body Oil and
3/4 of the Cocoa Butter Lotion onto hands.
Rub the products between your hands to warm up and apply slightly damp skin

For a more Dramatic Effect:

I mix 1/2 of the Body Oil
and 1/2 of the Cocoa Butter Lotion
and add just a slight amount of Mac's Vanilla pigment.
Mix all 3 in my hands and apply to slightly damp skin.

This gives me the perfect glow that lasts all day,
and doesn't feel greasy or leave a trail of glitter all over the boyfriend :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enzno Schmenzo. Let Me Introduce you to Herstyler!

Enzo Milano?

Babyliss Pro?

You know we all have them on our wishlists. Everyones been talking about them, and lucky for the UK girls that the babyliss is a pretty affordable alternative to the Enzo. I've been looking for a more affordable alternative to the enzo for all of us girls here in the States and I'm happy to report that I found one !!


I found this through some google research and its a product that was usually found at the mall, with an annoying salesperson hunting you down so that they could "demo" it. I always ran away from the sales people,but I recognized the company when I saw it online.

It's the same concept as the Enzo and Babyliss Pro, except the one I purchased is a 3 peice set, and has 3 different barrels for curling :) Amazing, isn't it?

Here are some picturs of the package :

It comes in a metal tin, with the three different barrels, the curling iron with temperature settings, and a thermal black glove (of course).

Here is a close up of the 3 interchangeable barrel sizes : 1-1/2", 1-1/4" and 3/4". As you can see, the 1-1/2" and the 1-1/4" barrels are conical. Where as the 3/4" barrel is a standard round size.

I've had this product for a few weeks now and am really loving it !! In fact, I loved it so much I just purchased one for my one girlfriends for her birthday.

Depending on where you purchase they can range from $70 to $100. The first one I purchased was from Ebay, and I won the bid at $50 + shipping which came out to $75.

The second one I purchased was from discount beauty center and that was for $60.00 with free shipping. So it kind of depends on where your purchasing :)

I'll be doin a YT vid on this soon with more demos on how the different barrels work ! But in the mean time I uploaded a quick pick using the 1 1/2" barrel

see below :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend Haul

Just a few things I picked up this week . . .

Thread Earrings in Turquoise and Coral

Gold and Silver Strand Necklace - Forever21

Close up of the necklace

Belted Linen Dress - Forever 21

This picture came out really horrible due to lighting and wrinkling, but to give this dress justice I grabbed the picture from the website ... so here that is too :)

and lastly a really cheap pair of gray jeans - Forever21

Have a great weekend everyone ! :)

Natural Beauty

I am really liking the new Sally Hansen line - Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy. It's the same line that makes the Airspray foundation that I absolutely love!

I wanted to continue my experiment with the line, so I made my way to the drugstore and picked up these two items:

On the Left, we have the Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base and on the right we have the Sheerest Creme Blush in Beaming.

The Blush:

From the swatches, you can see that the creme blush is a really pretty baby pink color with silver undertones. It's not frosty like say some of the color sticks from ELF.

I really like the consistency of the creme blush - I really think that this is probably one of the best drugstore creme blushes I have tried to date and I prefer this to the dream mousse blush.

The Eyeshadow Base:

The eye base is really creamy and moisturizing and not concealer-like at all aside from its color. It has a similar smooth creamy texture to the UDPP, and applies very smooth on the eye as well - no tugging or pulling like with some products (example: Lemon-Aid by Benefit). The color payoff is so far so good - I haven't really used any pigments with this product, just some neutral eye shadows. So a full review will be coming soon :)

The creme blush was $5.99, The eye base was $7.99 - really affordable and really decent products as well!

Also, both products are paraben free :)


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