Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enzno Schmenzo. Let Me Introduce you to Herstyler!

Enzo Milano?

Babyliss Pro?

You know we all have them on our wishlists. Everyones been talking about them, and lucky for the UK girls that the babyliss is a pretty affordable alternative to the Enzo. I've been looking for a more affordable alternative to the enzo for all of us girls here in the States and I'm happy to report that I found one !!


I found this through some google research and its a product that was usually found at the mall, with an annoying salesperson hunting you down so that they could "demo" it. I always ran away from the sales people,but I recognized the company when I saw it online.

It's the same concept as the Enzo and Babyliss Pro, except the one I purchased is a 3 peice set, and has 3 different barrels for curling :) Amazing, isn't it?

Here are some picturs of the package :

It comes in a metal tin, with the three different barrels, the curling iron with temperature settings, and a thermal black glove (of course).

Here is a close up of the 3 interchangeable barrel sizes : 1-1/2", 1-1/4" and 3/4". As you can see, the 1-1/2" and the 1-1/4" barrels are conical. Where as the 3/4" barrel is a standard round size.

I've had this product for a few weeks now and am really loving it !! In fact, I loved it so much I just purchased one for my one girlfriends for her birthday.

Depending on where you purchase they can range from $70 to $100. The first one I purchased was from Ebay, and I won the bid at $50 + shipping which came out to $75.

The second one I purchased was from discount beauty center and that was for $60.00 with free shipping. So it kind of depends on where your purchasing :)

I'll be doin a YT vid on this soon with more demos on how the different barrels work ! But in the mean time I uploaded a quick pick using the 1 1/2" barrel

see below :)


  1. Your hair is gorgeous!! So pretty :) xoxo Anna

  2. omg looks awesome! and SO much cheaper than the enzo!

  3. @ Anna - Thank you :)

    @ BabyJanny - Great bargain right? I'm really happy with it too!!

  4. Your hair looks great! Thanks for sharing- I was looking for the babyliss conical one in Canada and couldn't find it!

  5. thanks lotus! I know I was so happy when I found it :)

  6. nice! i think i'll be adding this to my list!!



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