Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glowing Skin : My Version

The weather is getting a little warmer, and I think the one must have for spring or summer is glowing skin. Here are a few ladies who I think always have that perfect summer glow :

I've been on a search for my version of the "perfect glow", and here are a few examples of products that I have tried:

Bronzers (which works great on people, but I'm pretty pigmented to start with :) )

Glitter/ Shine Lotion (which are OK for me, I prefer something a little more natural)

Glitter/ Shine Powders (Give a Glow all right, but I hate the trail they leave behind)

Body Oils (which last, and are natural, but can be a bit sticky or greasy if applied too liberally)

In the end, I realized all I wanted was a natural looking glow that would add moisture to my skin, and last all day or night :)

So I decided to create my own Glow Mixture... and all you need are these two drugstore products (or something similar). Not only do you get an amazing glow, but you smell amazing with a mixture of brazilian nut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter ! ! !

For the Day:

Just Mix 1/4 of the Cocoa Butter Body Oil and
3/4 of the Cocoa Butter Lotion onto hands.
Rub the products between your hands to warm up and apply slightly damp skin

For a more Dramatic Effect:

I mix 1/2 of the Body Oil
and 1/2 of the Cocoa Butter Lotion
and add just a slight amount of Mac's Vanilla pigment.
Mix all 3 in my hands and apply to slightly damp skin.

This gives me the perfect glow that lasts all day,
and doesn't feel greasy or leave a trail of glitter all over the boyfriend :)


  1. Great idea! I'm definitely going to try this. I had used a version of this with a liquid highlighter but didn't really do anything but the vanilla pigment would definitely do the trick. Thanks for the recipes! xxNadia

  2. I'm glad it was helpful. This is my skin routine all summer long. The Vanilla pigment really adds that special something at night :).

  3. okay, back to what i was saying (before the comments went awry!)...:) i loveee the cocoa butter oil. i haven't used the other one, but i think i have a similar product that i'll be able to mix with. i leave the oil in the shower, and apply it before even drying off, once i turn the shower off. it captures so much moisture--love it!

  4. @fantastic

    yay they work now! and yes I love the just out of the shower moisturizing with this product. It really lasts that way :)

  5. wow !
    great suggestions !
    I wd be lookin forward to do that :)
    btw U got a great blog .. love how often you use desi stuff .. found you from desi bloggers Inc and em so glad I did !!
    will stop by often :)

  6. @streetsmartjunkie. I'm glad you found it helpful :) thanks for stopping by!



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