Saturday, April 4, 2009

Natural Beauty

I am really liking the new Sally Hansen line - Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy. It's the same line that makes the Airspray foundation that I absolutely love!

I wanted to continue my experiment with the line, so I made my way to the drugstore and picked up these two items:

On the Left, we have the Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base and on the right we have the Sheerest Creme Blush in Beaming.

The Blush:

From the swatches, you can see that the creme blush is a really pretty baby pink color with silver undertones. It's not frosty like say some of the color sticks from ELF.

I really like the consistency of the creme blush - I really think that this is probably one of the best drugstore creme blushes I have tried to date and I prefer this to the dream mousse blush.

The Eyeshadow Base:

The eye base is really creamy and moisturizing and not concealer-like at all aside from its color. It has a similar smooth creamy texture to the UDPP, and applies very smooth on the eye as well - no tugging or pulling like with some products (example: Lemon-Aid by Benefit). The color payoff is so far so good - I haven't really used any pigments with this product, just some neutral eye shadows. So a full review will be coming soon :)

The creme blush was $5.99, The eye base was $7.99 - really affordable and really decent products as well!

Also, both products are paraben free :)


  1. the mineral pressed powder is also really nice, and doesn't settle deep into your pores the way some brands do!

  2. I am going to try Sally Hansen line blushes and eye base!



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