Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Collective Haul : Catch All for YT Video Post

Hello Lovely Readers:

I know I have been gone for a few days - I was out enjoying time with my friends / and my birthday. But I am back and have tons of ideas / posts to work on.

So I have GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS -

The Good news is . . . I have finally made a new video : ) So please check that out if you're interested

The Bad news is . . . It's a little rushed and a catch all for the hauling I've been doing over the last month. I filmed it at the end of the day right before bed - so please excuse the messy hair and tired face

Collective Haul from Video

Breakdown: :L to R Milani Glimmer Stripes,
Prestige Glam Tan Bronzer, Mac Refiend MSF

Mac Refined MSF - A really pretty peach MSF , not too golden at all. It works great with my skin tone by adding a little bit of color without being too bright. I find that golden MSF can be a little too much for daytime - so this is a pefect color and consistency!

Prestige Glamtan Bronzer - What can I add to this cult favorite? If you have it you know why its loved - its golden, its a bronzer, its not too chunky or glittery. Just pefectly milled minerals that create a sweet golden bronze glow. If you don't have it - well then you should try it :)

Milani - Is becoming my new favorite drugstore brand.
Glitter Stripes in Pink - Great multipurpse product, can be used as eyeshadow and as a great highlighter as well.

Milani Eyeshadows : L to R Java Bean, Golden, Illusion
Bobbi Brown in the Back

JavaBean Eyeshadow - I heart this color. It's sucha pretty, purply brown with a golden tones.
Illusion Eyeshadow - A lovely nude pinky gold
Golden Eyeshadow- A warm golden color that works well paired with Java Bean

Bobbi Brown Palette - What can I say I love the nude colors. I did a in depth review that you can find here if your interested.

Claire's Eyeshadow Palette

I was pleasantly suprised by this purchase. I was at the mall and was in need of a bright color for the wedding this weekend - so I picked this up. The colors are so pigmented - very reminiscent of the coastal scents palettes - 88 pallete ect. - ect.

The colors were really great, even without a base. They had tons of comobos, brights, neutrals, smokey colors in the 1o shadow palettes. It would be a great alternative to those 88 monster palettes and really great for travel IMO.


  1. Great haul. :) I love Glam Tan as well, such a good drug store buy. xxx

  2. I've been wanting to try the clair's palette. I think I will now.


  3. @WinterBlossom - Glam Tan is a keeper :)

    @GiGi - I really do like the e/s :)

  4. ooh i´m glad that you got the MSF in refined--i like it too, and i think it´s great for our skin :) btw, hi from brazil!!!

  5. @fantastic
    Hope your having a great time, and yes I love Refined !

  6. That palette with the bright colors looks really cool!



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