Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deep Conditioning - Weekend Treatment for Hair

Your hair can never have enough TLC -- So every week or two weeks I try to do a full day deep conditioning.

It usually helps out to do this on a Saturday morning - so I can condition it all day and multitask by spending the day cleaning or whatever you do on your Saturday :)

Here's my routine:

Things needed
Spray Bottle with Water
Vatika Hair Oil
Hair Band

Step 1
Start with Dry Hair

Spray hair with water to dampen - focus the spray at the tips not the roots -- Hair should be slighty damp but not wet -- (Damp hair opens up the pores and helps aid in the absorption of the oil)

Step 2
Pour hair oil into palm of hand - warm up between both hands and apply liberally to all tips of the hair.

*Remember to build up* - add a small dime size amount at first then massage it into the tips of the hair -- Add more oil as needed until all ends are coated.

Step 3
Add another dime size amount of hair oil and apply it to scalp - massage it into scalp (or ask someone to do this for you -- it's pretty relaxing)

Step 4
Smooth hands over all of your hair roots, middle and ends and gather into a bun -- secure with hair band if needed.

(My Hair Bun -- Also new hair color :) )

Step 5
Leave hair in bun for the entire day - wash out with shampoo only at night and you will have super soft hair ! :)


Place a shower cap onto hair - the heat will intensify the absorption
Go out in the sun for a while - again the heat will help intensify the absorption
Short on Time : Apply an hour before you wash your hair for a quick fix
Got Extra Time : Leave in overnight for extra softness

So you don't have Vatika?
Here are some other oils that are equally effective - or hmm how about a blend?
Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Moroccan Hair Oil



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