Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me !

It's my birthday today :)

I'm having a wonderful day despite my cell phone dying on me yesterday! YES - I have no cell phone on my birthday , no phone calls, no text messages. Let's just say it's not exactly how I imagined it but I am getting lots of emails/ fb messages and even a few hand written cards. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise ? :)

I just wanted to share an image of the wonderful cake my mother got me :) She's the best !!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY B!!!! Hope you have a great day:)))

  2. Happy bday! hope you had a fab one!! xx

  3. Happy Birthday Amardeep!

  4. I'm a new follower..Happy Birthday hun

  5. thank you all !! :)I had a lovely birthday - now that I am back from my lil hiadus I will be blogging up a storm :)

  6. hey u...hope u had a gr8 bday...even tho its over, better late than never, right? hehe;) did u get 2 have a lil' me time?



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