Thursday, May 14, 2009

Haul : Forever21 and WetSeal

Went to dinner with the cousins made a small stop at the mall and I ended up walking away with all of this in under 15 minutes. Amazing! When I need to find something it takes me 3 days - when I'm not looking I can get it done in under 20? Go Figure

Plaid Shirt Dress - Wet Seal. I think I'm really loving shirt dresses this season.

Spring Cotton Dress - Wet Seal. I absolutely love the pattern - it seems to look like its hand painted - overall just really, really pretty.

Close up of the pattern. The colors on this are just super pretty IMO.

My new favorite necklace - from Forever21 You will be seeing a lot of this on me this summer/spring I can guarantee it.

And Lastly Here is a FOTD (I know it's been a while) no special make up but I did get a haircut - I had MAJOR split ends and although I'm growing my hair out to be Olivia Palermo Long (I hope) that will have to wait until I can get it healthy. For now - some fun layers.


  1. the Plaid Shirt Dress & the spring dress are ADORABLE.

    i wish i had a wet seal around my way; they have so much cute stuff

  2. thanks :) I know I couldn't help but buy them.

    P.S. Did you get a chance to email me your info? Since you were a winner in the giveaway :) I don't think I've received it yet?

  3. nice finds ;) are you wearing the sally hansen airbrush? i keep meaning to pick that up...and even though it's a bit off topic, how does your skin react to it?

  4. @fantastic thanks :) and yes it is the sally hansen airbrush foundation. So far - its working great with my skin. It gives me good coverage and its super light weight. It also leaves a really pretty glow.

    I have some acne scars that I cover up with mac studio fix concealer. I think the foundation is good coverage but you would still need a concealer ! :)

  5. I love the necklace and plaid shirt- you should do outfit posts! And you look great in the pic:)

  6. Love the clothes & you have very pretty eyes!



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