Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

I have been so pleased and surprised to have so many lovely you tube watchers/ blog readers / twitters that I thought it would be a great time for me to show my appreciation in a little giveaway. I may not have a lot of readers/ watchers by some standards but I really enjoy all your comments and your thoughts and well hey - it's my blog and it's my giveaway ! :)

What am I giving away you ask - A few of My Favorite Summer Products things

Here are the lovely giveaway items:

3 Lucky Readers will receive a tube of Cover girls Lash Blast Mascara

2 Lucky Readers will receive Milani's Luminous Blush & Prestige's Glam Tan Bronzer Combo

1 Lucky Reader will receive Nars Deep Throat Blush along with another little surprise :)

How to Enter

Leave a comment below with two simple things :

  • Ask to be entered into the giveaway
  • Leave some feedback on what you like so far/ what you don't / and anything else that you would want to see featured on the YT or Blog .

This giveaway is open to all ages and countries.

I will draw a name on Monday and then announce it on the blog and twitter. So good luck to you all !!


  1. yay, free stuff! pleaaaaaase do enter me in the giveaway! <3

    i really like that ur down to earth and easy to watch in your videos :) im new to ur blog, but love the yt channel!

  2. Hi
    I would like to enter in the a GIVE AWAY DRAW.
    I like your videos very much. I bought sally Henson Air brush foundation and No color Airbrush foundation, and I like both of them a lot.

    I think it will be nice if you have some light soft music in the back ground, rather than Tv (i assume it sounds like tv is on in the back ground when you do reviews).
    Also in some videos there was a music on the laptop(which was on the bed) but that music was not soft.

    You do very good reviews. I have tried some of the products that you reviewed and I liked them a lot.

  3. i would love to be entered into your loveley give away.

    i like the reviews you have done on makeup items they help so much.onething i dont like is that you can barley hear urself on the videos and it would be very helpful i you where a little louder,cuz i love ur videos.
    something i would love to see on ur videos is ur fashion style like what you think is nice to wear in the summer, espeacilly since summer is near. well thanx :)
    love iluvpink1992

  4. I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway please! :D

    I love your blog so far! I would love to see some more FOTD's to see how you wear your products in daily life :D

    And on your YT, some more make up reviews!

    But otherwise your blog is lovely, as are you!

    Whitebutterfly xo

  5. i would love to be entered into your lovely give away x3

  6. Hello...i would really like to be entered into the giveaway...esp since im graduating soon and could use some cool free stuff..(esp that nars blush) but makeup + $0(FREE)= :)

    What I like so far: the hair product reviews; makeup review are good, but not too many YT gurus do hair tuts and thts wht makes u stand out above the rest!

    What I don't like so far:
    The fact that I don't get 2 c ur vids as often! You're really down 2 earth, sincere, and just adorable 2 watch + ur desi, which makes it all the better for us desiz to watch; but the sad thing is we have 2 wait; other than that i <3 all ur vids; O and one more recommendation, as some1 stated below me, sometimes its really hard to hear ur voice, if u can just speak up a bit...

    Things I would like 2 c featured on YT/Blog: bollywood inspired looks both makeup/hair (cuz u cant get enough of bollywood, lol)
    and keep the great reviews coming:)

  7. Wow what great prizes, id love to be entered!

    What i like about your blog is that you talk about a variety of things and not just makeup! I am definitely going to check out your youtube videos :)


  8. Please enter me :)

    I really like your blog because its easy to navigate and your posts are all so colorful interesting and different!
    I am going to go check out and subscribe to your youtube channel right now! :)

  9. I would love to be in your giveaway!

    I love your videos 'cause they are original. You give very, very good reviews and I think the way you speak is just so cute! I love your blog 'cause your personal writing style is so cool and I love to be updated.
    The thing I think can get a little better is the background of your vids and make vids more regularly.

  10. I would like to be entered. My email is xorosexx[at]gmail[dot]com

    I dont really have a suggestion. I love your blog and reviews and such!

  11. I would love to enter the giveaway

    I like that you always reply to my comments when I have questions on youtube for you. You keep it simple and affordable and don't bombarded viewers/readers with expensive recommendations. Wish you would make more videos tho, hehehe.

    Thank you :o)

  12. yay Enter me in the giveaway!!!!
    i love ur youtube channel and ill be following ur blog now

  13. I would love to enter your giveaway! :)

    I love your blog- and the only suggestion I would have for both the blog and youtube channel is more updates:) Also, would love to see hair tutorials..other than that keep doing what your doing b/c your blog and yt videos are always interesting:)

  14. Please enter me in the giveaway, lady b!

    I enjoy your blog because you give your readers such good alternatives to some of our favorite products...but at even better prices!

    Also, you're always helpful and sweet on Twitter ;)

  15. Hey there, please enter me :D

    I love your blog. ( no suggestions! sorry!)


  16. Please enter me in your drawing!!
    I really have enjoyed looking at your blog and I love how "real" you keep your reviews.

  17. Thank you all for entering :) and especially thank you all for your lovely feedback - I will def be implementing a few ideas .

    Looking forward to doing something like this in the near future again !



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