Monday, May 4, 2009

Wardrobe Makeover : The Initiation

My mission for this spring is to get super organized .

Organized in work.

Organized in life.

but mainly just organized in my wardrobe.

Here are a few images from Coco + Kelly. One of my favorite blogs . . . of what I'm hoping to achieve.

source: Coco + Kelley

So I've been looking into creative storage solutions that are functional yet pretty. I can't seem to put my mind around plastic crates and drawers for permanent storage solutions. So as I've been cleaning out my parent's garage the past few weekends I discovered a 21st birthday present that has been put to no use . . . until now that is !

The product : A 21st birthday shot glass holder . . .Warning it is so not glamorous !

I never got around to using it as a shot glass holder haha! So . . .

My new vision : the perfect earring/ring holder. I measured the dimensions and it fits perfectly into my long dresser drawer. So I'm going to shift my everyday earrings into this nifty lil holder and keep all my gaudy Indian jewelery in my hanging holder (shown in an earlier post).

I will be posting an after shot of this product sometime this week. As soon as I get around to moving the earrings over and some good lighting :)

It's a small step towards my new wardrobe but I think it's an amazing find.

Also. Please visit coco + kelley (they are doing an entire series on wardrobes this week)


  1. Great idea to organize your jewelry!!! There are some great options out there for organizing your closet without all those ugly wire shelves and plastic crates! Bed, Bath & Beyond has some nice wood options (and you can use the coupon that comes in the mail) but you would def need help putting it in. Good luck!!!

  2. thank you :) I was so suprised to find this hidden in the garage myself ! And yes I know I need to check B B & B again.

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