Friday, May 15, 2009

Wardrobe Makover : Hangers

Re-doing or Organizing your wardrobe is a big process - you never really know which end to start with. I thought a lot about what I would tackle first and well after a random purchase I had my answer:

Huggable Hangers

I am sure that you have seen these velvet hangers- probably on the late night hsn (home shopping network) and wondered maybe? maybe not? Well I had seem them too - and had never really thought about purcahsing them but I got suckered in by a late-night HSN viewing.

I orderd the 50-pk with Sachet & Garment Bag set in all black from for $57.50 see below:

Untill now I've only owned plain plastic hangers, all in white - with the exception of a few wire hangers. But I really wanted my closet to look a little more appealing, so I'm hoping that these hangers will provide both style & function (I can finally cut off all those annoying plastic straps from my dresses - since the velvet will hold the dresses/skirts without them YAYAY!!)


Like many of you I wasn't quite sure what to keep and what to toss in my closet so I rummaged threw a few magazines and blogs and come up with the following choices:

The Hanger Technique
Hang all clothes on hangers with them facing towards you. As you wear your clothes - turn the hanger around so it faces away from you.

Every 3, 6 or 12 months take inventory of hangers that have not been turned around. If you haven't worn it in a year - will you really wear it ? :)

Color Coordination
Yes - it sounds so ODD, but if you color coordinate your clothes when you hang/fold them it will make it easier to find all your peices.

Also, it will allow you to try new colors, if you notice that you have 20 black shirts - maybe its time to play with some color? [I'm defnitley guilty of that one :) ]

The Outfit Log
When I'm in a rush I can never, ever find something that I like. So in order to remind you of what you own - start an outfit log. Everytime you wear a cute outfit - take a picture. When your looking for something "new" to wear, go through your images and you will be able to find an outfit that you love in a sinch!

The Rotation
If you are like me, you find yourself wearing some of your clothes a lot, and a lot of your clothes very rarley. Every few months - take inventory of clothing you have worn a lot (look through your recent pictures for starters) and put those towards the end of your rack. Then play with all the pieces you have left. You'll refresh your look and be able to move a few more of those hangers :)

In order to maximize my closet space, I pack away all of my winter coats as soon as I see the first little bit of sun. I keep a suitcase in my closet - that holds all my spring dresses and spring coats in Winter and all of my winter jackets and sweaters in the summer. I have to work with the space that I have - so this really helps me maximiz my closet space and still keep things neat and organized.

The Big Give
When I finally get down to the clothes that I will no longer be wearing, I try to do a little research about where I should donate my clothes. Some stuff, usually club attire just goes in the recycle bin. But other good pieces I try to donate to charities that really are in need. A domestic women's shelter is a great place to start, so is the salvation army or the good will.

Another great idea is to go to a consigment shop or Ebay - if you have some great pieces that could earn some money. Do your research, there are a lot of great places now like the Crossroads trading company, The Junior League consignment shop and many more.


  1. I use all wood hangers, and add little strips of foam to the ones that are going to be holding dresses with thin straps. i do need to swap out my warm clothes and vice versa throughout the year, but i can never figure out where i'll put them while they're in storage! pls take a pic once your closet is finished!

  2. awsomee; i'm actually re doing my whole closet today also

    Great Post

  3. you should aslo do a before and after picture of your closet =]

  4. i too have a swap between summer and winter! i use all plastic hangers of the same color. it looks more organized that way. the only trouble i have is with my shoes. i need to store them more efficiently.

  5. @fantastic and @karen I will def take some before and after pictures - but it's going be a while before I'm done :)

    @ fantastic It is hard to find style and function

    @karen - I would love to see your pics as well

    @Yet - I know shoes are always the hardest (maybe because we have so many lovely pairs) For the moment I store mine on an over the door holder.

  6. I love this post- I have to reorganize my closet too and this gave me some great ideas...LOVE your new banner:)

  7. @Lotus - Thanks I heart the banner too - it took a few tries before I got it right !

    glad you liked the post !



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