Friday, June 12, 2009

Honorable Mention

Thanks to the very lovely Tiffany of I am Style-Ish I have received my very first blog award.
If you are not familiar with her blog (see link above) or her photography site, I suggest you get over there right away.

As a part of this blog award, I am to mention six things that made me happy today. I wish I had pictures to share, but If I am to be true to the post, all six things are should be from today so here goes:

1. Finally finished a huge project at work - and can finally take some time off now :)
2. Had dinner with my dad as a Pre-Father's day celebration since I won't see him this weekend.
3. Received my movie screening tickets for The Proposal for tomm night (excited)
4. Planned my "wish-list" for IMATs this weekend
5. Made the most amazing eggplant gratin for dinner :)
6. Got to spend some quality time with my Boston terrier Blaze (will have pictures soon)

My list is a little random, but I have had a very hectic week. I'm staying with my parents for a little while and they are having some remodeling done - fun but hectic.
I promise to have a few good posts this week and the HAULAGE from IMATS this coming weekend :)

But in the spirit of giving, I present this award to the following bloggers:



  1. ooh i'm excited! you've now given me my first award as well!

  2. Aww thanks missy for the award:))) I will do a post on six things that made me happy asap:) xoxo



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