Monday, June 15, 2009

How Would You . . . Spend a Sephora Gift Card?

For my birthday last month I received a few gift cards to Sephora from a group of my girlfriends
I have however, not had the time to go shopping since acquiring them and thought I would put it out to you readers -

How would you spend a $100 gift card at Sephora?

What is on your shopping list?


  1. whoa. funny you ask, because i just spent one yesterday :) i purchased one of the laura geller baked blushes, and also a tarte cheek stain (which i've never wanted before, but am loving). i plan to post about it on the blog...oh, and i picked up a sample of a perfume! i love giftcards! tell us what you get :)

  2. Lucky lady- $100 to spend at Sephora! I am a big eye my picks would be the Urban Decay eye pencils- pick up the blue or will make your brown eyes pop. The next item, I haven't personally tried yet but have seen in youtube videos and it looks nice in your inner eye to brighten it- the tarte lock & roll eyeshadow duo. Hope you have fun shopping- and let us know what you get:) xoxo

  3. thanks for the input ladies - highly appreciated - I will be hitting sephora this week and will update you on my goodies :)



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