Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Product of the Month: True Blue Spa Just a Minute 60-Second Manicure Scrub

I always seem to be writing about my new latest finds, but I think from time to time I'm going to try to shine some light on products that are already in my stash.

The Product of the Month of June is the True Blue Spa Just a Minute 60-Second Manicure Scrub from Bath & Body Works. Available for $12.00

I first purchased this in an effort to rescue my poor nails from months of acrylics - and I was looking to be a lil more el natural with the nails. That was the initial thouth behind the purchase - but this product has turned into a must have for me. I like for 2 main reasons, it has the most amazing citrus smell ever, and it really leaves my hands soft and smooth after a minute- and that's about all the time I really have for things like this.

This sugar scurb is one of my all time favorite products and is your hands new best friend :)

Quck Tip: I use this as a full body scrub from time to time when I really want a pick me up!


  1. I've seen this product a handful of times and have wondered about it...I love that you always point out things that I'm curious about ;)

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  3. hey, it may seem like it's too harsh, but I do use this on my face once a week. It leaves my skin tight and soft.



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