Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Time Skin Saver: Acne Scrubs

With summer comes all the wonderful sunscreen, sun-tan lotion, fake bronzer, tanning lotions and well you kind of get the idea :)

We wait around all year for this lovely weather so we can bare all - and sometimes - with the addition of the new sun safe and suntan products and the natural perspiration that we have during the summer - we can often times find the pores starting to clog. So I thought I would share one of my favorite skin saving tips:

I'm sure we all have a tub/bottle of some type of sugar or salt scrub sitting in our shower and I love mine too :) But those types of scrubs are great for sloughing off dead skin. When we use heavy moisturiser, sunscreens it's time to reach for something a little unusual These Deep Pore cleansing scrubs - made for acne control are the perfect solution. Most of them contain Salicylic Acid - which is the active exfoliating ingredient. This goes that extra step by seeking into pores and helping cleanse out any extra oils or dirt that may be trapped in.

NOTE: These aren't meant to be used as your daily body scrub - because of the active agent - they can leave your skin dry and stripped of its natural oils - so as a word of caution - I would only use these ever 2 weeks or so.
You don't have to purchase "special acne body scrubs" any general drugstore acne scrub that you currently have or like will do the job!

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  1. Really interesting! I sometimes have some spots on my back because of summer lotions and perspiration.



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