Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well . . . It's Official

If you follow my twiiter, you may already know this . . .

In my last post, I mentioned going to Catalina Island with the BF and he proposed and I said yes :) so I am officially engaged. I have to admit, I was really, really, really suprised - now that I look back on it I should have seen all the signs, but I'm glad I was so oblivious to it all because the weekend was perfect.

The proposal:

We arrived in Catalina, on the ferry Friday from Long Beach, CA. The Island is amazing, and if you ever have the time to go visit, I highly reccomend it. It feels like a little slice of the medditerian in California.

We arrived, and checked into a lovely bed and breakfast / boutique hotel. Spent the rest of the day walking around the small shops.

After a lovely and romantic dinner, we walked out to the beach (about .5 mile away) and at first I was like um.. I don't know about the beach at night - what if it's not safe (this comes after being on a law and order kick for a few months - hehe ) but he was insistant on going - so we arrived - sat at our own lil cabana table and out of the blue he gets oh so serious and then before I know it - hes down on one knee - "states my whole name (whichis quite long) and asks me to marry him"

I of course was teary eyed, and suprised and amazed, but I muttered out a yes and well the rest is history :) !! We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing on the island, and kept it to oursleves until Sunday or so :)

You might see a lil shift in this blog, due to the circumstances :) Watch for wedding, planning and decorating ideas in the near future.

I will blog pictures soon, I have had a lil mishap with my laptop and well, I can't really upload at the moment. Just thought I would share the good news with all of the lovely people who take their time to read this blog, or my tweets.


  1. CONGRATS!!! How amazing and it sounded like such a romantic proposal!!! I cant wait for the blog to get all weddingy :) xx

  2. ooooh congratulations!
    i love weddings and the little things that make them special soo you hav to blog about it.
    and the dress.
    keep us updated on the dress!

  3. CONGRATS LadyB- what a great proposal! Looking forward to the wedding related posts! :)

  4. congratulations!!!! this is so exciting!!! lots of luck and love for your planning :)

  5. Hi!

    I really like your blog.

    I just started mine, and i would really appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think.

    - Jill

  6. thanks everyone :) i will be back to blogging really soon - hope you are all having a fabulous summer !!



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