Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decor Inspiration: DIFFA : SF

I have a soft spot for interior design and for charitable organizations - and a small wallet to meet all my aspirations.

So like many of us I like to live through beautiful images and one of the best places to see beautiful setups is at DIFFA - the Dining by Design Foundation Fighting Aids Event. To learn more see here http://www.diffa.org/about_mission.asp

It's essentially an event to showcase innovation and creation - using table scapes as the backdrop.

Here are some of my favorite images from the 2008 SF event. The 2009 Event will be November 18th.


  1. the turquoise and the gold are so pretty! will you be participating in this?

  2. OMG! They're all so gorgeous! I love interior design. If I had the money and if my parents had the patience I'd re-design my room every year! :)

  3. @ Fantastic I love that color combo too - sadly no :( I won't be going this year. HOPEFULLY next year I can - maybe that might be a good time for you to vist hehe

    @Dolly aah If only we had the funding !! :)

  4. keep me updated, because i totally would! my family keeps bugging me to come down...so... ;)

  5. Loved the two last pics, especially the last setting, love that kind of mixture of styles!


  6. @Tina_mbc I love the last two too ! This year's show should be out in Nov - so I'll post those pics when they're out ! :)



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