Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hair of the Day: Loose Waves

Well... this was my hair of the day this weekend so it's a few days late but I really like how it
turned out :)

What I did:
  • Sprayed hair with heat protectant (GVP of course)
  • Loose waves - using a 1 and 1/2" hot tools curling iron staring 2-3" away from the roots
  • Curled around the base and then let the curl down
  • Pinned curl w. bobby pin to head (repeated)
  • Let hair cool - then dropped the pins
  • Set with garnier hair spray
What are you doing with your hair at the moment?


  1. looks great! i like pinning my curls to my head too--only thing is it's so heavy, they usually drop long before i manually attempt to drop them :)

  2. thanks. my hair is so fine that I have to pin it to keep it curly . I guess we have opposite hair problems :)

  3. Love your hair - it turned out great:))



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