Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween : Cleopatra Modernized

cleopatra by lady.b featuring Forever21

This is a basic mock up of what I'll be wearing this Saturday. I was
inspired by the Elizabeth Taylor Cleoptra image. But thought I would make it bit more ME and a little more Modren.

I picked up the collar, headpiece and belt from a local costume store. I really liked the black, gold and blue theme so I got the black and turquoise dress from,
I will be wearing my black studded booties. I'll pick up a few accessories from the drawer - gold bangles and some earrings and well THERE You have it!

Hope you all have a great weekend and I will post up some pics when I have the whole ensemble on and ready. I'm off to practicing eyeliner now . . . what will you be wearing?


  1. i've yet to fully decide! horrible, right? i have figure it out. What will you two be doing for the night? This will be a really cute costume!

  2. thanks - it all just came together today. I'm sure you'll figure out something cute. We're just going bar hopping w a few friends in the City. Low Key - just dressing up.

    He's matching me this year. haha.

  3. Cute! Black, blue and gold go well together - you're going to look fab.

  4. you have to match..probably from now on! (just kidding..i don't really think you HAVE to :)

  5. Love it! Bet you it's gonna look so chic and sophisticated! ;)


  6. @I found pablo - thanks it was loads of fun!

    @Fantastic - haha well I'm sure he's over it now.

    @tina_mbc thank you :) everyone thought the dress was part of the outfit. It's nice to know I can at least rewear something!



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