Monday, November 30, 2009

Haul : ELF Mineral Eyeshadows, Blushes and a Bronzer

I've been a bit behind on the mineral eyeshadow business - I can't really give a good enough reason as to why but I really handnt experimented too much with them.

That all changed about a month or so ago when I was on ELF's website and they were having a 50% off mineral makeup sale. I remember seeing one of Lolliipop26's videos where she mentioned buying all of the mineral shadows - and that is exactly what I did folks.

I have to first state that their shipping is still horrible - I ordered something online a few days after placing this order- and recieved a few days before my ELF order came in. That is really annoying - BUT the eye shadows are absolutely lovely !!
I purchased 18 shadows - the entire line for $1.50 each :)

Enlarge to See the shadows - they are from Left to Right

Top: Natural, Trendy, Royal, Partier, Seductive and Mysterious
Middle: Sweet, Girly, Temptress, Caffeinated, Sassy, and Socialite
Bottom: Celebrity, Golden, Earthy, Confetti, Glamorous and Wild

The Elf Bronzer / Blush Duo

L to R: Peach Keen, Blushing Rose and Candid Coral

My Thoughts: I haven't been able to play with all of the eyeshadows (no surprise there) but I really like Natural and Royal. The neutral and shimmery purple go so well together. Overall the quality is really nice and very very fine - so even a novice can work with them without too much effort.

The downfall - of course is the packaging. It's really hard to work with sifters - you get a lot of product and it's always a hassle. But for the price and the color payoff - I think these are amazing.

As far as the blushes, they give great color pay off - but are OK. nothing really to rave or rant about. This may be biased b/c I just rediscovered my Nars blushes and well... you know how that is :)


  1. i was looking forward to this. i hope you show swatches if you get a chance...i never did order them, but i kept wondering if i had made a big mistake by not doing so :)

  2. I will get around to doing the swatches - it's just been so hectic I thought I should at least put the post up haha. :)



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