Friday, October 30, 2009

One Word Tag

Hello ! :) Since everyone's doing this at the moment so I thought I would join in too:

Where's your cell phone: Desk
Your hair: Poofy
Your mother: Loving
Your father: Strong
Favorite Food: Italian
Dream last night: None
Favorite drink: Mojito
What room are you in: Bedroom
Hobby: Reading
Fear: Bugs!!
Where were you last night: Bestfriends
Something that you aren't: Shallow
Muffins: Sure!
Wish list item: Watch
Where did you grow up: California
What are you wearing: Pj's
Your pets: Blaze
Friends: Important
Something you're not wearing: Watch
Favorite store: Target
Favorite color: Green
Last time you laughed: Morning
Your best friend: Fiance
Bestest Place you go to over and over: Paris
Person who emails you regularly: SPAMERS
Favorite place to eat: Cafes


  1. With this post it just hit me, I haven't had a mojito in absolute aaaages! ;) Lol! ;)
    Nice learning a few more things about you! :)


  2. :) I like the informational tags too. Let me know when you have the mojito !



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