Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Product Review: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I love finding new - natural alternatives for skin care. The other day I was browsing through the aisles at Whole Foods spending a few minutes browsing the skin care aisles when I came across this:

I had heard about this mask a while back - I think on a few blogs or a magazine I can't quite remember - but I do remember thinking it was an interesting product. Why? because It's has only one ingredient - yes that's right just ONE - 100 percent all natural calcium bentonite clay. The same type that can be found in many spas and is used for facials, body wraps ect, etc. The bentonite clay is known for the ability to help clear skin and minimize pores - so you know I was sold !

The unique thing about this product is how you use it. It come's in a powder form like this:

You mix equal parts of the clay with equal parts of apple cider vinegar. I used about an ounce of each into a gray paste. You can also use water - but they and I prefer the cider vinegar.

Now please note - this is a warming mask - but it can be pretty intense. It's has been known to make your face pulse - or basically react to the cider/clay combo. This isn't a negative feeling - it just feels really weird - and if you don't expect it you'll be a little confused as to what is happening.

But I have been using this for a little while now and I'm LOVING IT !! I'm not sure what I like more - the feeling I get when I apply the mask - or the results. My skin feels cleansed - but not tight. I see a difference in the appearance of my pores around my cheeks and nose area (which are my problem areas)

You can find this at Wholefoods for about $7.99 for the tub - enough to last you a year I think.

Just remember to use a nice calming toner after your mask - lately I have been loving the Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
It's gentle and I've always been led to believe (by my mother's bias) that rose water is good for the skin. Also - it's super affordable around $8.99 for 12 oz.


  1. i need to get my hands on that clay! whenever a mask has that ingredient in it, i always end up liking it..and i'm wondering if it will be a good comparison to the volcanic ash--at least in the fact that it's warming.

    ah, rose water. the cure all :)

  2. @fantastic - it really is nice. I wonder how it would compare too - do you have the ash?

    and yes rose water :) what more is there to say!

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  4. I've been using Aztec for 4 months and I really love how this clay turns my skin into a clear and brighter one. I hope people will discover this products too. I also apply castor oil after using the mask. Really I'm soo happy with it.




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