Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things I want . . . Hair

Blogging is fun. Finding other great bloggers is even better - but there is a slight downside. The abundance of products/hauls that they share and my need to want every single one of them.

I thought I would try to in turn create a wishlist and see what I actually WANTED vs what I really NEEDED :) So here is my HAIR WISHLIST :

Hair Styling Trio

5andra swears by this trio . . .

Of these - I think the volumizing tonic will be on a shopping list soon. The fact that it works for fine/thin hair and adds weightless volume had me sold !

Big Impact

Big Shampoo by Lush

A few bloggers - TheeGlossGoss - SukandSpice and Bubblegarm have all posted and raved about this product.

The product is a lemon-lime margarita shampoo that is said to add lots of volume and shine to hair.

Instant Lift

Dry Shampoos are one of those things that make you think - how did I live before this?!

Lollipop26 has mentioned the Pure Abundance by Aveda a few times

The product is said to add instant volume and thickness to blah hair.

Lastly, a non blogger but someone that I follow (and probably so do a lot of you)

Rachel Zoe in one of her Zoe Reports a few weeks ago mentioned the All Nigther - Dry Shampoo.

It's pretty new to the market - but looks to be a dry shampoo that has several shades (great for us brunettes).

What is on your wishlist ?? please share


  1. will try the lush shamps and the dry shampoo. i like dry shampoo, but the one i use is a bit white!

  2. the lush one looks fab! and I can relate to some dry shampoos being made for blonde hair only !

    What are you using ?

  3. The product i dream of is like a mix of all of them. I need a serious volumiser that doesnt make my hair greasy BUT keeps it healthy! lol- ill never find it!!

  4. @Tali - You are so right - that would be the perfect product haha. We can dream right? and If you EVER find it - you have to share !



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