Sunday, November 8, 2009

DIY: Unique Art Piece


When I mean love - I mean I see something I always think - OMG I need I can make and so I pick things up to make stuff and then it sits idle. But then I come across stuff that I may not make at the moment but are still drool worthy. I saw this amazing art piece on a few days ago. I know it's meant for valentine's day but I just loved loved loved the concept behind this - and well you can always switch it around and maybe make a lovely X-mas gift?

Here is a detailed picture of the art piece

What she used

1. one sheet of watercolor paper, any size you want (this is 11×15)
2. vintage jewelry pieces, knick-knacks, keys, buttons, etc.
3. paper punch (i used a butterfly punch from the martha stewart craft collection) (optional)
4. colored paper
5. hot glue gun
6. paint (i recommend spray paint)
7. frame

For Instructions on the Project go HERE

So tell me, do you do DIY projects? If so please link up to some of your favorite ones!


  1. this project is awesome, i may have to do it!
    i love doing crafty things, on my blog "reflection to my imagination" i show how to make a few different types of fabric flowers.

  2. @Hachii - I thought so too - which is why I put it on the blog right after I saw it :). I will def check out your blog I'm a sucker for crafty things too!

  3. That's a lovely DIY, great idea for a present! ;))


  4. keys are really huge for our 21st birthdays, and this one is such a good idea! sometimes we give them to the bday girl (although the main one is given by the parents)...and now i'm thinking of someone who is the perfect person (and also happens to be turning 21!)...thank you!

  5. @ Tina - glad I could share!

    @ Fantastic - oh that's so interesting - what do the keys smybolize ? This would def be a great project then :)



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