Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Product Review: Sally Hansen Moisture Plump Lip Balm

One of my biggest beauty obsessions is lip balms. I think I have more than I need, and probably more than I can ever use. I hate to admit it but I get very anxious when I am without one - so I always try to carry one with me in all bags, cars, travel cases, etc..etc.. at all times !

I stumbled upon these new Sally Hansen Lip Balms at CVS the other day in a gift pack, being that I really love the Carmindy line for Sally Hansen, I thought I would pick them up
The colors were perfect, and I was really interested in the lip plumping and nourishing aspect.
From L to R: Fresh Pink, Berry Shine and Nude Shimmer

Although Fresh Pink and Nude Shimmer do not show up very well as a swatch - they are probably my favorite shades. Berry Shine is very pigmented for a lip balm - so it's not something I would pickup to wear all the time - but is still very pretty.

I like nude shimmer and fresh pink as a great way to add some shine to lips when you aren't looking to wear gloss or lipcolor.

Overall, I think they're pretty colors but I don't feel much in the lip plumping - they just feel soothing and moisturizing so I can live with that.

These were on sale for 9.99 for all 3 - and well that's a great way for me to play with color :)

Now it your turn ! What are some of your favorite lip balms?

And just to make it fun, I will TAG . . .


And if you happen to be reading this and aren't on the list above - I'd love to know what your favorite lip balm is too !!


  1. I love my Dr.Pepper flavored lip balm..smells just like the real thing...w/o the calories! And it tastes good, too <3<3<3

  2. I've always heard that the Dr. Pepper balm was good - I will have to check it out next time!

  3. Thanks love! I just noticed you'd tagged me, I'll definitely do a post on this as I love me some lip balm!

  4. thanks for the tag! I haven't tried these...but I like that Carmindy line as well..I've yet to be let down by anything in it!



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