Saturday, September 18, 2010

In and Out September


Fall / Autumn Weather - I love this season, I get to pull out my favorite sweaters and boots . I'm sure that a lot of you may agree that there is something about this time of year that just makes me happy.

All Things Pumpkin - I have a confession to make, I LOVE pumpkins! I love pumpkin pie and bread, I also love the whole concept of Halloween and carving out jack-o-lanterns are a big thing in my book. 

The Perfect Highlighter 

(the nerd in me was so excited to find this contraption)
Decorating - it's a fun time right now but I'm on the hunt for new decor blogs, so if you have any favorites please send me the info!

Blogging - it's nice to be back in the groove of things


Bad Timing - I hate when you find the perfect accessory (in this case, an ideal summer clutch) just as the season comes to an end. I picked this up in Bali, along with a few other purses, I think i went a bit overboard but oh well, I think it's a good thing from time to time. 

Green Python Clutch from Seminyak (Bali)

Tivo - finally cancelled our subscription and convinced the Mr. to switch over to a DVR (like normal people)

Real Housewives of anything - I liked watching OC, Atlanta was pretty good, but I think with DC they've just lost me and I don't think I can handle more of the same. 

Job Hunting - this is always an out right? Hunting for a new job is never fun - wish me luck people!


  1. we so need to cancel our tivo..every other tv has a dvr, and we don't even use it. but like your hubby, i'm holding on for dear life! x

  2. this just goes to show how much a picture can change a story..the whole time i thought you were referring to a makeup highlighter!

    btw, i'm obsessed with pumpkin too. especially pumpkin chiffon pies, and pumpkin spice lattes! x

  3. good luck with your job hunt!!! I'm sure you'll get what your looking for- just stay positive:)

  4. @fantastic

    ha! I laughed out loud when I read the highlighter remark, although I should go and look for a nice (makeup) highlighter now :)

    I have never had a chiffon pie, must try them asap!

    @Lotus - thank you so much!

  5. Love your ins! :) Cute post ma dear! :)
    PS: This month has been all abt good ol REGULAR highlighter for me too, so.. yeah! :)
    Time to put the marker away and dig out my Amber Diamond, lol! :)




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