Saturday, September 25, 2010


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I was trying to find a way to blend the end of my summer sulking, with my love for fall and decided I needed some brownies in my life to make it all better.

Not sure how it correlates, but I ended up with some amazing brownies and well that's all that matters :)

I've been wanting to try this recipe for mint brownies for quite sometime, and today happened to be that day. I cheated and mended the recipe (like I always do). I had a pre-made brownie mix laying around that needed my attention so forgive me for not making it from scratch. I made the mix as instructed and poured half into a baking dish. Then I added a few Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Mint Bars (essentially peppermint patties) to the batter - in a nice little grid (keeping space along the edges - this is important) and baked as instructed.

To check on the baking, I poked the outside rim of the pan with a toothpick [don't bother poking anywhere else - the melted chocolate from the candies won't provide an accurate account of the baking process :) ]

Served them with a side of vanilla ice cream (not pictured) and there you go - the perfect dessert for a night in! In the original recipe you can see the patty - but I've read a lot about how it disappears (visually). I'd say don't fret it, as soon as you taste the brownie you can really feel the mint and the cooling flavor does much more for it (in fact, I like it better this way)

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