Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainy Days

Just a few of the things I've had on my mind for the fall...mainly rain boots. It'll be my first official pair, so I've been looking into a few options and these seem to be the front runners. Also I added a few umbrellas I would like  add to my collection :) mainly the Pagoda. What are some of your favorites? 

 1. Hunter Original Black $125
2. Hunter Original Beige $125
3. Burberry Equestrian Knight Rain Boots $225
4. Burberry Studded Wellington $395
5. Bubble Umbrella  $30
6. Pagoda Umbrella  $105


  1. Ohh, love! I've been wanting Hunter boots and that pink umbrella is preciousss.

  2. i love the hunters in beige--it's fun to pair socks with them (if you're not wearing them over pants)!

    my vote is for the bubble umbrella--i use one, and get so many squeals from women who always say something along the lines of "i remember those from when i was young!"

  3. I adore the hunters, they look super cute and from a distance you can't even tell they're rain boots!
    I 've been wanting a pair since last year, maybe this year I 'll get lucky? Lol!


  4. @Natalie - I def need to get them now :)

    @Tina_MBC - I love the hunters too! I really think this year they will be mine! My only problem is I want both the black and the beige :)

    @Fantastic - I think I will end up getting a bubble umbrella, it just seems like it would bring a little creativity and light to the rain season :)



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