Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lip Pencil and a slightly late Halloween Outfit

I was in Ulta the other day and thought I could use a new lip pencil or two, I randomly stumbled upon NYX's Soft Fuchsia and it has surprisingly been a staple for the past few days. 

I left it in my car today, and so when it came around to taking pictures of it, I had a very messy product so I apologize!

It's a really pretty color, the perfect nude for winter. 
I'm paler so I want a little color in my lips and this is really subtle but nude at the same time. 

On a random note.... 

My Halloween Costume

I bought my costume on Saturday (just a tiny bit last minute...) but it turned out pretty well
As much as I loved the costume, the skirt (mainly the spandexy material of the skirt) was not working for me, so I grabbed a skirt I had laying around and threw it over. I don't think anyone really noticed but I felt a lot more put together :) I wore boots - so please excuse the socks in the picture. 


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