Monday, February 21, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

I saw the weekly iPhone posts on one of my favorite blogs I am Style-Ish, and thought it would be fun to try out. So here goes:

Last week was jam packed. Valentine's Day (which I don't make a huge fuss over, I'd rather have random gestures than one determined by the masses) was fairly quiet - just the way I like it. My favorite part is getting unusual flowers, I'm not a roses person so when the Mr. picked these up I was impressed, they both were part of our big-day at some point so it was a sweet thought :) 

I've also been up to my neck in studying for school, mid-terms are coming up soon and well, it is never fun! This is a glimpse into what I've been working on...when I'd rather be reading the the Rachel Zoe book.

Lastly, online shopping has become my new guilty pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I've always shopped online, but recently it's become my go-to place for instant pick-me-ups. Mostly because I've been working from home a lot + spending most of my nights in school, so the amount of time I actually get out of the house has been almost null. One of my recent favorite purchase was the the Dolce Vita Rope Wedges for their limited line with Target. I thought these would be a perfect addition for Spring. Now if ONLY the weather cooperated!

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