Friday, March 18, 2011

In and Out March

This past week or so has been very hectic, aside from working on my Thesis for school - I also managed to take a pretty nasty fall the other day in the Dining Room (graceful right?). So, I thought I would do a quick post to get my mind off all the crazyness and onto things that I really want to be thinking about :)


Spring - well the desperate need for it to arrive that is. I am really looking forward to having warm weather as my big project for this year is to make over our backyard and create an outdoor living space. I will defnitley be blogging about the process, so hopefully the weather starts to cooperate soon!

Organization - I just made over my home office, and am almost ready to show all of you all the hardwork I put into it!  It's currenlty inside of our bedroom but I finally have a space where I can focus on work/school/and blogging now.

Rouge - more specifically, REAL color on the lips. I've been pale pinking it for way too long, and with Ms. Bubblegarm's new post about her Impassioned lipstick, I think I too need to get my hands on some colors this season.


The Catch All Bag - my shoulders are seriously telling me something. I've been using my Big Buddha Desnise bag as my work tote and school bag and I think it's time for something much, much smaller.

I really have been looking at the Rebecca Minkoff Mac Clutch - my question is do I go bright pink? classic black? or summer approriate ivory?

School - is there really anything more to say about it? I just really REALLY want this semester to be over.

Yonka - I was really excited to try the Pampalmouse - but it unfortunatley was too rich for skin so I ended up breaking out instead of getting the smooth skin I was hoping for. The good thing is that I ended up loving a skincare combo that I had picked up on a whim as a "temporary" solution (that blog post will be up on Monday)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - Rescue me on twitter if you can - I will be spending my weekend up to my neck in textbooks.


  1. lovely! i've missed reading a good in & out! yonka--now that's a brand I rarely read any reviews on. I used to use their pampelmouse and it can definitely be a bit too active for some skin types. I know from time to time I'd like it, and then at other times I would not.

    The cluth is very cute--I'm a sucker for will always come back to it.

    And a backyard living space? Sounds divine! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Have a fabulous weekend xx

  2. @Fantastic - I have missed your comments & blogging :)

    I am really looking forward to doing the outdoor space - I will def keep the pictures coming.

    P.S. Bag is ordered (Ivory of course)



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