Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stuck in a (Hair) Rut

I'm a long hair kind of girl. It's a simple statement, but it means that for the past half century (or so). My hair story is really simple, I have long straight hair. Occasionally I've colored it, and now and then I add some bangs(fringe) and a few layers, but for the most part its been the exact same for years now. 

This year, I've been tempted to make some changes, but my problem is that I am so lost. 
I need something that adds some life back in (I'm thinking color or cut - maybe even both) but these long thin strands aren't doing me any favors.

I really like Lauren Conrad's new do...

And of course there is Olivia Palermo's Locks. I loved her old hair, but am really loving her new short look as well. (dilema, dilema)

 And some other recent favorites...

So I'm not sure what I should do.... A new color? A new cut? Both? Any thoughts?? :)

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