Monday, June 20, 2011


What do you do when you're a little stressed out? Go on a getaway - even if its a small break!

I am not sure how you all are but one thing I love to do, but can't seem to find enough time to make it happen is to travel. The Mr. and I decided to get an early start to our one year anniversary so we booked a last minute trip to Santa Monica.

I can tell you that I did a whole lot of shopping, eating and lots of people watching and loved everyminute of it! The weather was a bit off - not sure what is going on with the June Gloom - but thought I'd share a few pictures.

The perfect cup of coffe

The most amazing bruschetta ever!

Enjoying the sunshine

An attempt at a FOTD
 Dress - Express
 Shoes - Dolce Vita for Target

the hotel room - I really loved the wall color, almost asked the hotel for the name of it

The View from the hotel - the whole reason for going out there - SUNSHINE! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

May Favorites (a belated edition)

Since I have had a long absence from blogging, I thought I would return with an easy post. My favorite things for the month of May. I know it's well into June one but hey, I can still recap :)

Where have I been you ask? I was finishing up my thesis at grad school, and am happy to say I did well but it kind of took over my life. I'm almost done with school but decided to take the summer off so I could take a mental break!

I actually have not been shopping as much since the blogging hiatus, maybe it's because I haven't been able to keep up with my blogs and YT. Funny how that works!

Here is a quick round-up of some of my May favorites...

Starting at the top: Elle decor, I received it as a christmas gift and have really enjoyed it. I have torn out a ton of inspirational images from it. I like seeing the different types of decor and finding ways to inspire myself to be creative in my home.

Next is the Sonia Kaushuk hair brush - I had been wanting a Mason Pearson brush but will make do with this for now. I love how it feels, no amazing hair changes yet, but it is a a great brush.

I also picked up Essie's Topless and Barefoot, and I absolutley love the color. I'm not sure if it was any better than other nude favorites, but anything with a cult following deserves a second look - so when I saw this at my local ULTA I decided to try it out. It's a fun summer color, a true nude, with no pink or peach understones, and works well with my skin. Some nude colors just don't work for me, but this one is great!

I also picked up a few random things including the Juice Couture Couture perfume. I was watching @5andra's video the other day and saw her mention how often she used this perfume and how she paired it with her other favories - and so here it is. I have been wearing it to work quite a bit, and am enjoying the lasting power. The next perfume on my list is the Jennifer Anniston one. Have anyone tried it?

Lastly, I picked up a summer inspired body scrub. The mint & melon fragerence combo is pure heaven. It's not too fruity or floral, which can turn me off when it gets really warm. It's a refreshing scent and the scrub is very rich so it leaves my skin very moisterized - post scrub - so its almost like a scrub and body oil in one.

On a random note: I am looking forward to going away this weekend. The Mr. and I have a small getaway planned for, all I know is that it involves lots of sun, lots of food, and hopefully lots of shopping. I'll twitpic if I get a chance :)

Hope you're all having a great summer! You'll be hearing more from me (I promise)


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