Saturday, October 22, 2011

New York

This summer has been pretty crazy, but with that comes the excuse for a nice break! This year, I opted for a small getaway to NYC. We spent about 5 days roaming around the city, I have to really give a big thank you to @amyroto for e-mailing me a lovely guide to the city! She's a great yt/blogger, so be sure to visit her blog at

The weather was absolutley perfect, around 75+ degrees the entire time of the visit. There is something about that city that made me and the Mr. seriously contemplate moving..(crazy, I know) it was just full of life!

 I'll leave you now with a small recap from the trip. (P.S. this was also my first time using my new camera, so please feel free to share what you think of the picture quality in the pics below)

Littley Italy

These were amazing, a little shop near Rockafeller

We all know who she is

I love this building, too bad I didn't have time for a proper tour

The "Friends" foundation, a fun pop culture fact from our pedi-cab guy @ Central Park
Me, a few hours before our flight left...tired, but already wearing things I purchased on the trip


  1. NY is my love that I have never had. And the Friends fountain?! You just killed me :)
    You're lucky , take care.

  2. @Heavenrain, I was so in love with the city - I hadn't been back since I was 16, so it felt like I was discovering it for the first time! :)

  3. One of my favourite cities of all the photos!



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