Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Red

Small things make the days before the holidays a little cheerier. For those of us who are still sitting behind a desk and looking at a monintor instead of being off and joining the rest of the world in retail therapy (or I mean Family bonding time) we have to do what we can to make the best of it.

For me, that involved a few simple things...
New nail color, just in time for christmas - this time I went with an unusal read, for me anyway. It came in form form of two gelish shades (bad, I know). I have queen of hearts on all my fingers, with an extra coat of good gossip on my ring finger.

 A good book and a rediscovered product - today they come in the form of these two:
Deconstroted Sammy and L'Occtaine
Holiday Decor in the lobby, it makes the morning a little less crazy...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Nina Cortes

I'm a bit of a Project anything junkie, I loved the original version on Bravo, and followed it when it went to Lifetime. Now some of you may argue that it lost some of its edge, but I stil think its an innovative show and concept, and always look forward to having it in my DVR.
So you're probably not that suprised that I've been loving the spin-off Project Accessory. This show is much more "me". I'm secretley obsessed with jewelry, most of you have a makeup collection, I do too (a small one) but its my accessories that I adore the most. A great bag, the perfect earring - those things really make my day!

This season my favorite designer has been Nina. I love her personal style, she had a modern spin on the beach life that really appeals to me. I'll let her work do the rest of the talking...
The complete look from the Kenneth Cole Challange
This necklace was intersting because it had a front and back,
 and the metal was painted gold and black to give a three toned effect (I heart it!)
Source Clutch with versatile handle

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ins and Out: December

Well hello there, I've been so busy with finals and the holidays
 - so I though it might be time for a quick in and out post

Holiday Decor - there is something about this season that really brings out the inner Martha Steweart in me :). I've been looking for a new color/theme for our home, and I think I found it at Target :) These oraments were the inspiration behind the tree...
I posted a picture of the christmas tree on twitter here, but you couldn't really make out my favorite part - the lime green accents.
Holiday shopping -  It's always to find an excuse to do two things: shop + make other people happy. This year has been all about the neices/nephews so those of you who are mommys or expert aunts - please send me some links/inspirations on what kids really "want" this year :)

Fringe - I took the plunge a few weeks ago, and I'm really loving it


Finals - need I say more? but the good news is I have my official graduation date, now its time to plan the party :)
The weather - I feel like a broken record with this one, but the weather has been really chilly, I guess I should expect it by now. There is an upside to this, now that I'm working in the city, I have all the reason I need to buy a new fun coat for winter... the only problem is deciding on which one

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rachel Roy Eye Palette

I'm sure most of you know that I am a huge admirer of Rachel Roy. She is like epitome of beauty and brains. So I was so very excited to learn that she was venturing into the world of beauty by lauching an eye palette. I was even more suprised to see it sitting on my desk one day (after a very strong hint to the Mr.). So I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

I have to start with saying that I am a packing girl, it says a lot about the designer and I loved the abstract evil eye on the cover and the recylced packaging. (I'm not sure how it will hold up, but it defnitly looks pretty sitting on the vanity amongs the black sea of eye paletes)

Onto the inside, it's a traditional mirrored pallete with a dual set of shades (day on the left and evening on the right). I've taken two seperate shots so you can see the grouping of shades:  

ShadesTop to Bottom: Galaxy, Balance, Fire, Energy and Dark Magic

Shades Top to Bottom: Celestial, Empyrean, Twilight, Infinite and Evil Eye

As for my thoughts, I really love the consistency of the eye shadows, they're smooth (velvety) and have great pigment. I'm suprised by the choice of colors for her day look, the rich amber shades are not what I see in most "neutral" palettes (thinking of UD) and it's a pleasant suprise.

I've only worn a few of the shades, and my favorites so far ar Energy and Dark Magic as well as Empyrean and Evil Eye. I'll have to give you an update on how the rest of the shades do - but I hope this is just the first of many more beauty offerings from her line!

Also, the brushes she includes are a really nice touch, they are soft and easy to wash. They are also perfect for blending in the crease and I like them better than the UD brushes that came in the book of shadows.

The most interesting thing about the pallete was the QR codes on the back, where you see tutorials on the eyeshades by Rachel herself. It's nice to see designers actually sharing their thoughts behind the makeup (or beauty products). It was really nice to hear her view on the "smokey eye" about being lived in and forgiving - not so technical.
Overall, I was pretty happy with the palette, I can see myself reaching for both day and night shades in the fall and winter especially - so the timing of the launch is perfect! Have any of you tried it?


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