Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Nina Cortes

I'm a bit of a Project anything junkie, I loved the original version on Bravo, and followed it when it went to Lifetime. Now some of you may argue that it lost some of its edge, but I stil think its an innovative show and concept, and always look forward to having it in my DVR.
So you're probably not that suprised that I've been loving the spin-off Project Accessory. This show is much more "me". I'm secretley obsessed with jewelry, most of you have a makeup collection, I do too (a small one) but its my accessories that I adore the most. A great bag, the perfect earring - those things really make my day!

This season my favorite designer has been Nina. I love her personal style, she had a modern spin on the beach life that really appeals to me. I'll let her work do the rest of the talking...
The complete look from the Kenneth Cole Challange
This necklace was intersting because it had a front and back,
 and the metal was painted gold and black to give a three toned effect (I heart it!)
Source Clutch with versatile handle

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  1. Hey i like this necklace which give three toned effect.
    I like this unique style..

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