Monday, December 19, 2011

Ins and Out: December

Well hello there, I've been so busy with finals and the holidays
 - so I though it might be time for a quick in and out post

Holiday Decor - there is something about this season that really brings out the inner Martha Steweart in me :). I've been looking for a new color/theme for our home, and I think I found it at Target :) These oraments were the inspiration behind the tree...
I posted a picture of the christmas tree on twitter here, but you couldn't really make out my favorite part - the lime green accents.
Holiday shopping -  It's always to find an excuse to do two things: shop + make other people happy. This year has been all about the neices/nephews so those of you who are mommys or expert aunts - please send me some links/inspirations on what kids really "want" this year :)

Fringe - I took the plunge a few weeks ago, and I'm really loving it


Finals - need I say more? but the good news is I have my official graduation date, now its time to plan the party :)
The weather - I feel like a broken record with this one, but the weather has been really chilly, I guess I should expect it by now. There is an upside to this, now that I'm working in the city, I have all the reason I need to buy a new fun coat for winter... the only problem is deciding on which one

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