Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November!

Hello there...I know it has been a long, long while since I have written (or actually even logged into this account).

Life is life, and sometimes it tends to move faster than you think, and what that means is I've had a lot to do, and not enough time and this blog unfortunately has been at the bottom of my to-do list...but I'm here now and really looking forward to connecting with everyone!

The best and easiest way of course, a photo diary of where I've been spending my time.

Summer days @ the beach

Work trip to ATL leads to inspiration at MLK center

Mehndi night @ best friends wedding

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I can finally explain why I've been missing in actiion, this past weekend was my graduation :)

After 2 years (plus a summer or so, I've finally finished my masters, and it feels pretty darn good. This past semester has been really hectic and so I apologize for the lack of posts, and overall follow up with twitter and the rest of the blog world.

I'm finally able to enjoy my evenings and look forward to moving onto bigger things (hopefully:). The upside is that I havemuch more time to finally go back to blogging, which I have really missed.

So with that, I'll leave you with my current INs and OUTS

Graduation - pretty self explanatory. Here I am enjoying the sun.

Summer - I am looking forward to my first summer off from school in a long, long time.
One of my oldest friends is getting married this fall, so I'll be starting off the summer with a little trip to Cancun to celebrate her bachelorette. Any suggestions or tips from those of you who have been?

Etsy - I have been buying quite a few things from the site latley, I am waiting for the peices to come in so that I can share them with you.

Large Handbags - I am currently using the studded "celebrity - faux alexander wang bag" from Ebay. I love the bag, but I feel like I have been carrying my life with me and it's starting to get a little tiresome. So I'm on the hunt for a smaller more efficent bag - oh 1st world problems, I tell you.

Work - I need a vacay, its been a long spring and with graduation + work I feel a little burnt out.

Sunglasses - I am on the hunt for a new pair, I lost my favorite glasses at work event and can't make up my mind on what I need next.

Allergies - I thought moving from the valley to SF would have solved this issue, but this year I have been dealing with a major case of allergies. So I show up to work each morning, looking like a hot mess. It could be pretty funny, if I wasn't so annoyed! Ah well, hopefully it'll all go away soon. In the meantime, I'll embrace it - I just picked these up.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zig Zags

I've been so obsessed with pinterest latley, and the one thing that keeps catching my eye are the gorgeous zig-zag chevron patterns. Here are a few of the item's I'm currenltly loving:
This gorgeous lamp shade, that I missed out out was only $20 from Target!!
Source: via Joyce on Pinterest
                                     Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I saw this dress on the @Nateberkus show the other day, on the @cheapchicas 30 winter outfits look and I needed to have it. Of course it was SOLD OUT, but there was a backorder available and so I'm crossing my fingers that this little dress will find its way into my closet!

I've been eyeing this DVF Chevron dress for sometime, and this is the perfect alternative


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