Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zig Zags

I've been so obsessed with pinterest latley, and the one thing that keeps catching my eye are the gorgeous zig-zag chevron patterns. Here are a few of the item's I'm currenltly loving:
This gorgeous lamp shade, that I missed out out was only $20 from Target!!
Source: via Joyce on Pinterest
                                     Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I saw this dress on the @Nateberkus show the other day, on the @cheapchicas 30 winter outfits look and I needed to have it. Of course it was SOLD OUT, but there was a backorder available and so I'm crossing my fingers that this little dress will find its way into my closet!

I've been eyeing this DVF Chevron dress for sometime, and this is the perfect alternative


  1. I just recently got on Pinterest and I love it too, I could spend hours on there!

  2. Ok I think I'm growing a love affair with Zig Zag! That wallpaper in the second pic is lush!!! I love your sense of style girl, so happy I cam across your blog today! xx

  3. Oh zig zags! I just post about missoni and missoni have some great zig zag patterns!

  4. @Tracy I'm still hooked

    @cbsg5861 Thank you for stopping by :) I'm glad to see there are other zig-zag lovers out there

  5. Oh I just love chevrons! Great post and cute blog!

    xx Missy

  6. hey you! i've been meaning to tell you--after seeing your post, i stopped by Target and was surprised to see the zig zag lamp shade there. They actually had two left! Anyhow, I didn't end up picking it up because it was just...not very good quality. I think they could have done it better. It felt like a thin piece of construction paper. I could also see it getting dirty (or even punctured) all this to say, don't worry! You're not missing anything! x

  7. nice pics)
    I following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow back!!!




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